30+ Awesome Backyard Pool Ideas to Turn into Relaxing Retreats

You don’t have to travel a thousand miles on a road trip just because you want to relieve your stress and blow off steam. Through transforming your backyard into an incredible one with ideas for backyard pools, you can refresh your mind.

Such designs will transform your backyard and make it a comfortable place for family and friends to spend your leisure time. So let’s take a look at them!

1. Small Modern Backyard Pool

Small Modern Backyard Pool Ideas

The clean surface refers to a modern backyard’s minimalist look. The pool deck with gray concrete provides a nice place to relax.

To serve both adults and children, two separate swimming pools are installed. To see joy, a lot of greenery is planted around the pool deck.

2. Natural Pool Ideas

Natural Backyard Pool Ideas

The beige tiles and turquoise water make it look like a holy temple in a forest in this backyard pool. The pool is surrounded by shrubs and trees, enhancing its natural look. The pool has a dining table that helps you to enjoy your meal when interacting with nature.

3. Relaxing Backyard Pool

Relaxing Backyard Pool Ideas

It would be a great idea to sit on the pool chairs while on a sunny day slurping a glass of orange juice. The recessed lights along the pool will give you dim light when it’s dark, providing the backyard with a romantic atmosphere.

4. Backyard Pool for Party

Backyard Pool Ideas for Party

You may invite your friends to have a bbq party by the pool while some of your other friends may want to relax by swimming. Bring back the pool chairs when the party is over so you can chill under the sun.

5. Round Elevated Pool Ideas

Round Elevated Backyard Pool Ideas

Surrounded by bamboos and wooden pool deck, this round pool brings the Japanese style of sauna to your backyard. Install a water heater to make it perfect so that you can relax in the hot water just like in a sauna.

6. Above-Ground Pool Ideas

Above-Ground Backyard Pool Ideas

This above-ground DIY pool will be your safe bet if you’re on a tight budget. It’s easy, inexpensive, but it’s still a lot of fun. Mount LED lights around the pool so that when you want to swim under the moonlight, you can get enough light.

7. Round Backyard Pool with Wooden Deck

Round Backyard Pool Ideas with Wooden Deck

Until diving into the water, the wooden pool deck will keep your feet dry. It also offers your backyard the genuine and natural heat. Simply put one or two pool chairs by the pool where you can relax and lounge.

8. Backyard Pool for Limited Space

Backyard Pool Ideas for Limited Space

Don’t let your joy take hold of limited space. In spite of the limited space, you can still have a backyard pool. This pool above ground will exuberantly make your child happy. When playing with his toys, they can bath in the backyard.

9. Artistic Pool Ideas

Artistic Backyard Pool Ideas

This pool’s curved shape makes your backyard look artistic. While you don’t feel like swimming, when enjoying your afternoon tea, you can still enjoy the artistic look by sitting back on your armchair and adoring your backyard’s natural beauty.

10. Luxurious Backyard Pool Ideas

Low-Maintenance Backyard Pool Ideas

To give an affluent feel to your backyard, you don’t need fancy things. It will be enough to have a rectangular pool with fountains. Install concrete pool deck near the pool so you can hang out with some friends by adding some chairs.

11. Low-Maintenance Pool Ideas

Low-Maintenance Backyard Pool Ideas

If you’re too busy to look after your backyard, you can try these ideas for the backyard pool. Rather than being surrounded by a lawn that requires regular mowning, pave the area around the pool. To intensify it, invest in some low-maintenance plants such as shrubs or cactus.

12. Tropical Cozy Pool Ideas

Tropical Cozy Backyard Pool Ideas

Thanks to the tropical plants placed along the pool, this tunnel-like backyard can make you feel like you are having a holiday in a tropical country. The fountains make the pool look like a mini waterfall that enhances nature’s touch.

13. Blend with Nature

Backyard Pool Ideas: Blend with Nature

In this small pool, soaking your body will encourage you to release a bit of your pressure. Hot water and pretty shrubs combine to help you chill out. And the best thing is that you can do it whenever you want, because it’s your own personal backyard pool.

14. Minimalist Backyard Pool with Concrete Pool Deck

Minimalist Backyard Pool Ideas with Concrete Pool Deck

The rectangular swimming pool provides ample space for swimming. Simply place some decorative plants along the swimming pool to give some shade. The concrete pool deck provides your feet with a clean surface. Please look out! Concrete deck of the pool will absorb the sun’s heat.

15. Multilevel Backyard Pool Ideas

Multilevel Backyard Pool Ideas

This multilevel pool makes it look spacious in this backyard. It features an outdoor and outdoors swimming pool. The false stones make the pool above ground available. The spacious deck allows you to move around with your family and friends and even have a picnic.

16. Oasis-Like Pool Ideas

Oasis-Like Backyard Pool Ideas

The best solution to get the most beautiful look without causing you too much trouble is a no-fuss backyard landscaping. Try to invest in a desert-like backyard pool. The pool will look like an oasis in your backyard, creating a dramatic backdrop.

17. Playful Backyard Pool

Luxurious Backyard Pool Ideas

18. Above-Ground Pool with Recreational Area

Playful Backyard Pool Ideas

This backyard is for all. When enjoying lounging on the pool chair or playing card games with friends, you can let your kids swim in the above-ground pool. Just make sure you keep an eye on your kids at all times.

19. Balinese Style Pool Ideas

Balinese Style Backyard Pool Ideas

Have you ever visited Bali? Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t been there yet because you can take Bali to your backyard. With the exposed faux brick wall, this above-ground pool looks modern. Two elephant statues are mounted on the wall alongside Plumeria flower pictures on the pool to accentuate the theme.

20. Above-Ground Pool on A Budget

Above-Ground Backyard Pool Ideas on A Budget

This pool will love your kids. It’s not too big, but at the same time it can accommodate a few children. For easy access to the pool, a wooden pool deck is installed. A gate is designed to stop your children from entering the pool without being accompanied by adults.

21. Compact Inground Pool Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

You can have drinks served by the poolside when you go to Cancun and several other luxury hotels in tropical areas. Why don’t you take this idea to your own pool? Your poolside bar doesn’t have to take up a lot of space and can be accommodated for small yards even with the most compact entrance pool designs. It’s good for relaxing of your own and for fun even better!

22. Getbeautified Pool Design

Image Source: pinterest.com

Therefore, we offer some ideas for pool design. Check out pictures of overflowing swimming pools and garden pools with all sorts of design, form and unique designs to create your dream pool.

23. Gorgeous Lively Nature

Image Source: pinterest.com

A garden or a backyard area could be a good start to living in the middle of a beautiful, vibrant environment. People think that you can only have a nice yard if you have a big yard. It’s not real. If you have … well, a yard, you can still have a lovely, relaxing backyard.

24. Hot Tub Gazebo With Spa

backyard pool ideas

Hot tubs are that many people love to leave accessible throughout the year, but are sadly also limited by changes in the climate outside of the season. This designs for the gazebo hot tub and hot tub enclosure provide more than enough fodder to stream your design ideas!

25. Backyard Swim Pool Ideas With Decks

Image Source: pinterest.com

Having a pool above ground for your home is a big decision, but if you know it, it’s not a hard problem. To your limited time and budget, you need to know the best pool of knowledge. Here We have provided a list of above ground pool ideas with decks and tips that might suit your backyard perfectly.

26. Swimming Pool With Two Large

Image Source: pinterest.com

An aerial view of a swimming pool with two wide artificial sand banks slowly sinking into the smaller central swimming pool. Two lounge chairs with a canopy and an artificial tree-stump base are on the highest tier.

27. Backyard Swimming Pool On A Budget

Image Source: pinterest.com

I don’t think if we changed the pool a little, my hubby would mind! Swim at night, hot tub and barbecue at night. Sure, yes, please! Don’t think the budget is going to make this one, but can a woman dream right?!

28. Simple Backyard Swimming Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

You don’t have to have a big backyard to fit into a pool — and if you’ve got a big backyard, you don’t have to take the whole thing up. We have plenty of stories of less-than-enormous backyards where homeowners crammed in a pool — and many other items as well.

29. Backyard Pool Waterfalls

backyard pool waterfalls
Image Source: aquaticartists.com

Through your area of swimming pool. Make waves in these top best swimming pool models with waterfalls, fountains and slides. Discover concepts for the best home pool backyard ever.

30. Upper Deck Onto the Courtyard

upper deck onto the courtyard

The view of the courtyard and the lap pool from the upper deck. Effectively, retractable glass doors make this area a kitchen extension.

31. Small Lap Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

A small lap pool is suitable for swimming enthusiasts who want to practice their swimming at home.

32. Small Above Ground Swimming Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

Backyard Small swimming pool at ground level: eye catching and accessible swimming pool at ground level.

33. Courtyard Swimming Pool Design

Image Source: pinterest.com

Great example of a swimming pool model in the courtyard!

33. Small Plunge Rectangular Pool Design Ideas

Image Source: pinterest.com

Premium Small Dallas Rectangular Large Plunge Pool Model Concepts, Remodels & Photos

34. Lovely Lap Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

Lovely Lap Pool Large Ideas in Pool Modern design ideas with formal hedge hedge hedge wall basalt courtyard LystHouse is the easiest way to buy and sell your home.

35. DIY Backyard Swim Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

Flip the mattress to the door of the headboard. Build the ceiling behind the headboard for the floor wall. Desks in each side of the window in the corners.

36. Keep Simple Style Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

Love the simple design and layout of the hot tub, plunge pool combination. Great project for the DIY.

37. Glamorous Indoor Swimming Pool

Image Source: pinterest.com

Exterior: Best Pool Remodeling Simple Indoor Architecture Remodeling Rustic Hotel From Pool Imagine Pool Remodeling Concepts Furniture Picture Keep Calm Indoor Swimming Pool

38. Modern Backyard Pool Loungers

Image Source: pinterest.com

Fantastic backyard features a tow of trees placed alongside retro pool loungers in front of an indoor pool fitted with a corner hot tub.

39. Contemporary Swimming Pool

Contemporary indoor swimming pool, Crate & Barrel Maddy Hurricane, Fence, wooden concrete floors

40. Bossier City Pool Design

Development of shreveport pools – natural-grotto-dolphin-slide-outdoor-kitchen-granite-bar-tanning-perimeter-spa

41. Gorgeous Hamptons Cottage Backyard

Eclectic Cottage Interior Design in White: Wonderful Cottage Backyard Hamptons with Small Swimming Pool.

42. The Pool with Comfy Chaise Longues

The pool is surrounded by a collection of outdoor rooms, filled with comfortable chaise longues from Frontgate.

43. Small Backyard Pool Oasis

Small Backyard Oasis Swimming Pools This owner has decided not to reveal their property’s exact location.