25+ Awesome Bathroom Flooring Ideas

It can be a daunting task to renovate a bathroom from scratch. There is much more to consider: how to make the best of the space; what kind of fixtures and installation you can choose; to install the bathrooms and a shower or not; to get the right lighting and mirror combinations. So it’s easy to see how to forget suggestions on bathroom flooring.

1. L’On Residence

Source: www.melissalenox.com

This light wooden floor is the perfect addition to the light and airy design of the bathroom.

2. London

Source: www.godrichinteriors.com

In this family-friendly room, distressed and weathered wooden floors work great.

3. Victorian

Source: www.madaboutthehouse.com

Here colored hardwood floors contribute to the unique mix of modern and classic design.

4. Carpenteria

Source: www.nmaarchitects.com

This impressive bathroom comes with a beautifully built dark wood floor with matching vanities.

5. Trees on the Roof

trees on the roof
Source: www.meditchmurphey.com

Wooden floor drainage slats are a smart choice of floors for a wetroom / duschroom.

6. Grove House

grove house
Source: caveinteriors.com

Elegance distinguished by the tile and delicate classic chromium of the slightly curved marble floor.

7. Mount Larson

mount larson

The darker, bolder venous marble is a beautiful addition to the modern bathroom, basins and vanity units.

8. Kaimupulehu

Source: www.willmaninteriors.com

The sandstone-derived tiles in quartzite help make this ultra soothing bathroom both indoors and outdoors in hot tans.

9. Flagstones

Source: www.beccysmartphotography.co.uk

Here the flagstone tiles – which mimic those you may find on a patio – contribute to the lovely quirky combination of modern and retro furniture.

10. Lum Rustic

lum rustic
Source: johnlumarchitecture.com

Dark gray slate tiling for this modern, commercial, functional bathroom floor is the perfect match.

11. Putney

Source: www.amorybrown.co.uk

Charming pebble mosaic in this cozy bathroom covers both the floor and the walls.

12. Boise

Source: hm.la

In the wood paneling on the wall and vanity, rectangular brick mosaic tiles are also reflected here.

13. Small Powder Room

small powder room
Source: www.marshandclark.com

This stunning custom mosaic suits the stained glass window in this tiny yet elegant powder room to create exquisite detail.

14. Queen’s Park

queens park
Source: www.swad.com.au

A bold geometric monochrome mosaic tile pattern that is dramatically successful.

15. Hexagon Mosaic

hexagon mosaic
Source: heathergarrettdesign.com

Here the hexagon mosaic tiles are ideal for this unusual bathroom style.

16. Hoxton

Source: www.cassidyhughes.com

Brilliant contemporary bathroom meets traditional patchwork encaustic tiles – love it!

17. Bedford

Source: eticastudio.com.au

For a relaxed, cozy look, reclaimed encaustic tiles are combined here with distressed furnishings and claw foot bath.

18. Vaucluse

Source: www.dkinteriors.com.au

The perfect backdrop to this sleek white bathroom is a beautiful classic floral geometric pattern.

19. Modern Moroccan

modern moroccan
Source: www.granadatile.com

A stunning Moroccan tile design inspired by encaustic walls and floors used to have a great effect here.

20. Bluff House

bluff house
Source: auhaus-arch.com

This minimalist bathroom features a very slick monochrome, modern encaustic tile style.

21. Cook

Source: mdarch.net

For this basic bathroom, a highly polished cement floor is a glossy backdrop.

22. Garden House

garden house
Source: www.balanceassociates.com

Lovely mottled stained effect gives added interest to this cement floor.

23. Lotus on Orange

lotus on orange
Source: www.leaderdesignstudio.com

With exotic plants and floating light wood vanity units, this wide expanse of gray cement floor is softened.

24. Matt cement

matt cement
Source: feixandmerlin.com

This matt gray concrete floor connects the various elements of this retro / modern / urban space somehow cleverly.

25. Chavetta

Source: www.aaaarch.com

Not for the weak of heart, for a truly unique feel, the concrete floor of this wet room / bathroom was painted a super bold red with the walls.

26. Sandy Down

sandy down
Source: www.padstudio.co.uk

This marmoleum floor gives the concrete look that is poured but with much more comfort and warmth

27. McCall

Source: emilymccall.com

Glossy black rubber floor is a great choice for a family bathroom with plenty of traffic and plenty of splashing!

28. Olympus

Source: www.carpetright.co.uk

This mottled mosaic patterned vinyl floor is stunning on the eye as well as very functional.

29. Port Locksleigh

port locksleigh
Source: www.brandonarchitects.com

On this vinyl wall, the stunningly simple but effective circular pattern is the prefect march to the room’s circular accents.

30. Mount View

mount view
Source: www.martinscamisuli.co.uk

This beautifully powdered room has loads of personality, highlighted by the brilliant linoleum floor of the checkerboard!