75 Brilliant Blue Bedroom Ideas And Photos

Blue is a classic choice for a color scheme that is forever adaptable. Each color of blue will give your space a different feel, from a bold marine to a bright water or teal. If you want to be inspired by these beautiful blue bedroom ideas, you should choose your perfect blue color.

Create a bedroom that feels calming and relaxing with the use of light blue walls and neutral-colored accents.

Photo credit: Celebrating Everyday Life

Use a wicker headboard with an eclectic design and form to give a Bohemian look to your bed.

Photo credit: Centered By Design

Wonderful mix of green and blue! Use a blue and green pillow mix to add more color to your blue bedroom.

Photo credit: Classic Casual Home

Add orange in your bedroom to bring a cheerful feel to your house. Use it as an accent color and include just a few bits of all-orange decoration to prevent the black from being too distracting.

Photo credit: Connie Cooper Designs

Place a blue blanket at the end of your bed to add a white comforter to the contrast.

Photo credit: Decorating Cents

Warm up a cool blue color scheme with red or coral pillows to decorate your bed.

Photo credit: Embrace My Space

Include a blue dresser to add brightness to your bed. Add additional space by decorating with a wicker basket to the top of the dresser.

Photo credit: Embrace My Space

Put pillows and a bed spread on your bed with all the different textures. Simple ideas for a blue bedroom like this can really make your room stand out.

Designer: Meagan Rae Interiors

Photo credit: Entirely Eventful Day

Go under the sea for your blue bedroom inspiration. Include nautical details in both your decor and wall art throughout your room.

Photo credit: Erica Burns

Bring a natural element into a dark room by putting at the end of your bed a wooden wicker bench.

Photo credit: Everyday Reading

To create a great place to sit and relax in your blue bedroom, put two comfortable armchairs next to each other with a fun table between them.

Photo credit: Fancy Ashley

Design a room with modern and rustic touches. It has a classic wooden headboard and bright blue pillows pair it with it.

Photo credit: Fresh Crush

Textured pillows add wonderfully to your home. Include pillows made from various materials, such as plush velvet and classic silk.

Photo credit: Hello Lidy

Use a blue cushioned antique chair to decorate your blue home. To add another element, place a colorful decorative pillow on the table.

Photo credit: Hi Sugarplum

Giving your bed a glamorous look by decorating pillows of sparkling blue, black and silver with colorful designs and images.

Photo credit: Home by Heidi

To add a unique texture, apply molding to your walls. Paint the molding in the same colors as the walls, including decorations that add color pops.

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Build a small bench in your blue bedroom under your window to create a cozy sitting area.

Photo credit: The Interior Frugalista

With wallpaper, you don’t have to cover the entire wall. This blue bedroom reveals that just in the middle of your wall you can plaster wallpaper for a unique look.

Photo credit: It All Started With Paint

Using sculpted tree lamps and matching leaf patterned decorative pillows to go all-natural with the decor in your blue bedroom.

Designer: Jamie Keskin Design

Photo credit: Kyle Caldwell

If your bedspread and pillows are planning to use different patterns, use the same color scheme throughout to make your project cohesive.

Photo credit: Jamie Salomon

Use white furniture to light up a dark blue bedroom, like the rustic wardrobe of this room.

Photo credit: Jenna Sue Design

To add an eclectic touch to the room, incorporate abstract works of art into your classic blue bedroom.

Photo credit: Josh Gruetzmacher

Hang over your bed a bright statement piece. Use a piece contrasting with your wall’s color, like the bright gold decoration of this room.

Photo credit: Keiko Lynn

Place mirrors on the drawers of your nightstands for a unique look to make your blue bedroom brighter.

Photo credit: Leah Martin Photography

Go big with a vivid blue and white patterned bedspread in your bedroom. Include a seamless look with matching pillow cases.

Photo credit: Lemon Stripes

Transform your bedroom look like a gallery of art by decorating your walls in bright gold frames with abstract paintings.

Photo credit: Life With Emily

Pair light blue walls for a perfect coordinated look with a bright silver statement piece.

Photo credit: Like A Saturday

Using light blue furniture and white as an accent color to brighten your blue home.

Photo credit: Lilly Bunn

Blue walls are complemented with green pops. Use yellow in your furniture and pillows.

Photo credit: Making Spaces

Give your bedroom a real feeling by enclosing a canopy around your bed. Using brightly colored curtains to fill your room with light.

Designer: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Photo credit: Mary McDonald

Patterned and bright pillows are perfect ideas for a blue bedroom. Include pillows in contrasting colors, like the orange and blue parts of this bed.

Photo credit: Michelle Drewes

Use a bright white headboard and a white bedspread to brighten a room with dark blue walls.

Photo credit: Morgan Blake

Attach a classic bedroom with tiny modern touches to make the room your own twist. Using a bold geometric lamp, this bedroom does this.

Photo credit: My Old Country House

By combining dark blue walls with simple white and brown furniture, go minimalist with your design.

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Transform your bedroom into a series of comic books by painting the wall with a classic comic blast. To build this fun decoration, use stencils.

Photo credit: Paint Yourself A Smile

Add brass sconces for a beautiful color pop to the blue walls. Include brass decoration for a seamless look on your nightstand.

Photo credit: Pencil Shaving Studio

Create a beautiful shadow effect on the walls of your bedroom to add depth to the space. Make the shadow walls your room’s stars by using just a few small wall decorations.

Photo credit: Petite Modern Life

For a great seamless look in your blue bedroom, match your patterned curtains with your decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Phoebe Howard

Use all the different shades of blue in your headboard, bedspread and pillows to improve the look of your bed.

Photo credit: Plum Interiors

To add your unique personality to the furniture, switch the knobs on your dressers. Inspire yourself with this fun aqua and gold dresser.

Designer: Symmetry Designs

Photo credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Make a nice headboard for DIY by painting bright blue antique window shutters. Place small chalkboards over the headboard for a fun addition.

Photo credit: Samantha Elizabeth Blog

A white nightstand with blue walls matches well. The nightstand is decorated with colorful items that match the colors of your wall.

Photo credit: Scott Designs

Use a stylish decorative pillow featuring a sea creature to make your blue bedroom look nautical. Pair the pillow with decorations of the nautical wall, like the shell of gold turtle in this space.

Photo credit: Shore Society

Include a torn pillow to add texture to your mattress. With contrasting colors and patterns, pair the pillow with other decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Starfish Cottage

Create a unified look throughout your blue bedroom with the same pattern. With its rug, decorative pillows and wall art, this bedroom beautifully featured a similar pattern.

Photo credit: Storybook Interiors

Paint bright blue your spare image frames and use the frames as a unique wall decor.

Photo credit: Tatertots and Jello

By attaching stained wood to the wall behind your bed, add a rustic touch to your bedroom. Pair the bright blue decor of the dark wood.

Photo credit: TFD Style

Give a glamorous look to your blue bedroom by putting gold on your dresser. Complete the look by adding your blue dresser with gold handles.

Photo credit: The Home I Create

Mix the decorative pillows on your bed with fun. Creating a design that includes pillows in different colors with similar patterns.

Photo credit: The Homes I Have Made

Find pieces of fabric that you love with patterns and use them in your blue bedroom as wall decorations. Place a piece of decoration on top of the fabric in a complementary color.

Photo credit: The Little Black Door

Use a blue nightstand with distressed paint and antique furniture to make your bedroom look rustic.

Photo credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Include a navy color scheme in your blue bedroom and decorate with pillows with classic anchors and striped patterns.

Photo credit: Thinking Closet

Imagine using your bedroom with a classic tan and blue color scheme. To add an interesting twist to the bed, include a unique plush headboard.

Photo credit: Tori Aston

Pair a simple wooden headboard for a balanced look with colorful patterned ornamental pillows. To make your space shine, add fun decorations above the headboard.

Photo credit: What Rose Knows

To add an interesting element to your bed, include a unique canopy bed frame. Pair the frame of the bed with decoration in additional colours.

Photo credit: Our Fifth House

To make a decoration that pops up, place a frame around a fun saying on your wall. Complete the look by putting a mirror underneath the saying with a matching case.

Photo credit: The Vintage Wren

Show off your personalized bedding blue color scheme! Choose pictures or patterns from your favorite shade of blue.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

A blue color scheme with black and green tips! Customize your room with your favorite pictures for an added touch.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Use the colors inspired by the color scheme in the decor of your blue bedroom in your favorite painting.

Photo credit: Three Birds Renovations

For a modern touch in your bedroom, create a fun chevron pattern on your walls. To add another dimension to this look, use two different colored paints.

Photo credit: Jaimie Lyn Custom Interiors

Decorate for a cohesive look in your blue bedroom with curtains in a pattern similar to the one on your bedspread.

Photo credit: McCann Design Group