Cool Privacy Fence Ideas for Your House

The principles of the privacy fence are seen as a good idea to shield you and your house from outside attacks. If you have kids and want them to be protected, it is also a kind of concept you can add to your house.

But, choosing the wrong ideas about privacy fence can make your house terrible, just like the typical horror movie you can see on the television. Of course, you don’t want that bad impression to happen to you and your house.

And definitely, for you and your family, you want to make your house a comfortable one. So, what do you expect? Using these ideas about privacy fence, let’s have security and comfort in a package:

1. Pencil Crayon Fence Ideas

Pencil Crayon Fence Ideas

This is a very high fence. But don’t worry, as it’s made from a bunch of “pencil crayons,” so instead of distant it looks funny. If you have a minimalist house with a bright color or white paint, it’s also a good combination.

This idea of the privacy fence will make your house more attractive. Your kids are going to be so happy to have this at home. They’re not going to be bored playing in the front yard again. So, how is this cute thing to do? This is the following steps:

  • Since the pencil crayon fence is not supplied by all the shops, you have to customize it.
  • Shave the woods so that the tip looks like the point.
  • Paint the different color of each wood.

2. Flower Mural Fence Ideas

Flower Mural Fence Ideas

How to make an attractive wooden fence? With the fun picture, you can color it. For example, paint it with the wall of the plant. The wall of the flower will make your house look fresh. It’s also easy to install. So, here are the steps to fence the ideas of the flower mural:

  • Prepare some paint boxes of different colors.
  • Create some kinds of flowers, be brave to play with the colors.
  • You can also plant the real flowers in front of the door.

3. The Chalkboard Fence Idea

The Chalkboard Fence Idea

How do you make a privacy fence funny for your kids? How do you not tell your children to leave the house yard again? You can use the steps to transform the inside portion into a chalkboard:

  • Paint a black-colored fence. Choose the segment inside.
  • Let that cool. Your kids could draw on it with chalk after that.

4. Wood and Stones Fence Ideas

Wood and Stones Fence Ideas

How to make a wood fence look more natural and less boring? You can ask for help from the rocks, just as you can see from the image above. You can see the privacy fence looks more sumptuous and multicultural

  • Combine the boards of the wood with the stone fence.
  • You can use the wire basket to coral the stones so it won’t fall easily.
  • Plant in front of the fence several small plants. The fence will look bigger when the plants grow.

5. A Homey Protector

A Homey Protector

The vertical pieces of wood can be arranged in a very homey and luxurious fence for privacy. The security fence makes the front side of the house so convenient, as you can see from the photo above. Here are the ways to realize this beautiful place:

  • A shade tree is planted near the fence made of dark wood.
  • Mount the LED lamps between the fence and the roof of the house in a cable.
  • Place some cozy sofas close to the fence.

6. Woods, Stones, and Iron Sheeting Combination

Woods, Stones, and Iron Sheeting Combination

Usually the iron sheeting is used as the field fence. But for your home, you can also use it as a fence and make it a luxurious fence. Sure, don’t worry if it’s going to ruin the beauty of your house. Curious about how to do that? They’re here:

  • Combine the wood fence with the iron sheeting fence.
  • You can install a small stones fence next to the wall.
  • Plant on the stone fence a few seeds.

7. Surfboard Fence Idea

Surfboard Fence Idea

Have you got a beach house? Or would you like to turn your home into a beach house? This innovative idea can be attempted. This notion of surfboard fence is very cool about not getting that too many people.

  • Find several eye-catching painted surfboards.
  • Place them in the current fence.
  • Stick with the concrete to stop the surfboards from dropping quickly.

8. The Privacy Fence with Vines

The Privacy Fence with Vines

One of the best ideas of natural security fence is planting the fence with the vines. It’s so easy to do, but it’s going to make your house greener. Everything you have to do is hold the vines and cut them frequently at everything times.

  • You may also use other materials, but wire is the most effective means of planting the vines.
  • Plant vines in the middle of the wall.
  • Try to cover the fence with that vines.

9. The Cactus Fence

The Cactus Fence

For you who are looking to absolute security, the cactus fence is a very ideal type of fence. Because no one will dare to enter your house because this desert plant will not harm anyone. So, you no longer need to be afraid of any outside risk, right?

  • Prepare the fencing for the wire frame.
  • Plant the cactus between the basket fence of the wire.

10. The Old Door Fence Ideas

The Old Door Fence Ideas

Would you like to have a unique fence to say you really need privacy? You can then apply this idea of “closed doors” to the privacy fence. The old doors used for the fence make your house look vintage, not only different.

  • Pick some unused old doors
  • Paint the bland colors for them.
  • Stick them in, nail them, and install them as a fence in front of your house.
  • You can also place the repurposed wood between one window and the other.

It’s hard to imagine that ideas about privacy fence might be wonderful and different, right? If you want to try other concepts and imagination, the security fence isn’t always frightening or dull. So, fortunate enough to build a privacy fence to protect your beloved family and home.