10+ Creative (and Easy) DIY Toilet Paper Holders

You actually don’t have to worry about toilet paper holders for a long time. No worries, we’re not. There are many great ones on the market, but we thought we should concentrate on innovative and creative toilet tissue holders that can easily be re-created for your home.

Every day we see and use a TP holder. Why don’t you have fun with it?

Source: Pinterest.com

DIY toilet paper holder

To keep small handy bathroom accessories or to build stylish displays, use this clever and practical toilet paper holder. You can also place the book.

Corinne Gilbert Bath by Matthew Williams for Remodelista Book

Above: A simple black ribbon and a white wooden knosp are required to hang a toilet paper in the Brooklyn bathroom of French designer Corinne Gilbert. Photo by Matthew Williams for Remodelista: The Considered House.

FleaMarketRx sells Industrial Bathroom Fixtures, including this toilet tissue holder that’s made from plumbing hardware powder-coated with an ebony rust finish; .

Above: FleaMarketRx is offering Industrial Fixtures, including a toilet cover that has been powder coated with an ebony rust finish from plumbing hardware; $68.

Stadshem Swedish Bathroom Toilet Paper Net Bag Resized

Above: Spotted on Stadshem in this Swedish bathroom, a hanging string bag with plenty of rolls, a useful solution in a small space. The Ecobag String Bag on Amazon is priced at $2.99.

This braided saddle leather TP holder hangs in the some of the guest bathrooms at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. See it in situ here.

At the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, this braided saddle leather TP holder hangs in some of the guest bathrooms.

Shiela Narusawa Cape Cod House by Matthew Williams

Architect Sheila Narusawa packs loo rolls in a tub in her Cape Cod home’s bathroom. Photograph of Remodelista by Matthew Williams: A Guide for the Considered House.

Above: Peter Oyler’s conceptual design, the Roll With It holder, was featured once. It’s no longer available, but with the help of a dowel and some paint, we think it would make for a pretty simple DIY project.

Julie spotted this wholly unique holder while looking at vacation rentals on Airbnb. See the rest of this home here.

Above: Julie spotted this special owner gazing at Airbnb holiday rentals.

Hanger Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Above: Once sold at Greener Grass Design, this witty coat-hanger holder. It’s no longer sold, but you can use and do it yourself with a simple wire hanger.

Max Rollitt Hamshire Vicarage Bath Resized

Above: No need for assembly. A sheet of toilet fabric hangs jauntily from a bamboo magazine rack in a bath designed by antique dealer Max Rollitt.

A Merry Mishap DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Manda made a DIY Toilet Paper Holder with a wooden knob, leather string, and a dowel from the Merry Thought website.

Along the same lines, Laurie Downey of Projects by Laurie fashioned this TP holder out of PVC pipe, rope, and a boat cleat.

Above: Laurie Downey of Projects by Laurie made this TP holder out of PVC pipe, rope, and a boat cleat along the same lines.

Architect Neal Schwartz installed two recessed toilet paper roll holders sourced from a place that sold prison equipment. “It is intended for prisons and other secure environments and it is easily ordered online,” Schwartz says. We found the product here. See The Architect Is In: Beyond Prefab in a Sonoma Weekend Retreat to tour the rest of his home. Photograph by Matthew Millman.

Upstairs: Architect Neal Schwartz constructed two recessed roll holders of toilet paper from a store that sold jail supplies. “It is intended for jails and other secure places and can be purchased easily online,” says Schwartz. Matthew Millman’s shot.