35+ DIY Farmhouse Table Plans to Give a Rustic Feel

The decor of the farmhouse theme is hot today. Even people living in urban areas use this theme to decorate their home. It’s because the style of the farmhouse will bring to any home the warm feeling. If you want to start with a farmhouse decor, a farmhouse dining table is one of the easiest ways to get started.

1. The Bright Kitchen Table


When I first saw this chair, I immediately felt it belonged to a space that blows through lots of windows and fresh breezes.

And it’s the solid wood top and white legs that bring a lighter look to this kitchen table. And if you’d like a table in the farmhouse which carries with it a breath of fresh air then it might be.

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2. DIY Farmhouse Table

This table does not look the same finished as many tables do. But if you’re like me and you love the rustic charm, you’d probably love this plate.

And it seems to be extremely robust, which is really important if you plan to make many years of memories around it. Or if you’ve got a big family like me.

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3. The Large Farmhouse Table

In my life, I need this table. I’m going to be serious. It can hold up to eight people and it’s nice to boot. So if you need plenty of seating while getting a rustic appeal in the process, this table might just be what you were looking for.

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4. The Outdoor Farmhouse Table

It’s not your traditional farmhouse table, but you might really like and need this table if you love to entertain and have a beautiful outdoor living area.

It is large enough to hold many families of all sizes. This is fantastic news for people who have many friends around their table to meet them.

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5. Farmhouse Table With Bench

This table I love. I love it. It looks very welcoming and can also handle many men. To me, a large kitchen table means that many come and gather are welcome.

Then consider this table, if you want this kind of space in your house. The bench is a comfortable place for hours to eat or talk.

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6. The Rustic Farmhouse Table

This table is absolutely awesome. I like how they’ve taken and put mismatched chairs around it. This table certainly gives more structure to this.

But I love the simplicity of building. The design is fundamental and robust. That’s going to make this table perfect for anyone, while they have some skill in carpentry.

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7. The Easy Farmhouse Table

Also people with very little experience in carpentry are able to control the layout of this farmhouse table. And it also contains a number of men. So find this table when you want a simple table with the charm of the farmhouse.

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8. The Wide Farmhouse Table

This table is very large in the farmhouse. To be honest, I think it would be an amazing dinner table to be served. And you need nothing of this kind or a flower. On this giant table you can literally fit the full set.

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9. The Gigantic Farmhouse Table

The tables in the farmhouse should be huge. Yet he takes the cake full. You can fit 10 people around this one table comfortably from what I see.

Yet obviously, a larger kitchen or dinner room would be needed to keep it. Unfortunately, I have no room of that kind. But you go to the table if you do. It would be difficult to break out.

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10. The Cherished Table

The different accents applied to the table are so interesting. Nevertheless, it is still easy enough to construct it quickly.

Then it will be simple if you need a chair, regardless of the degree of carpentry. But you can dress up to fit your unique style before you take this table into consideration.

11. The Double Bench Farmhouse Table

At tables, I love benches. Yeah, at the kitchen table we have one. And the explanation is that slipping in as many people as possible is so easy.

But I like the simplicity of this table design too. It’s traditional and beautiful. And you could make it as modern or rustic as you like.

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12. The Simple Farmhouse Table With Benches

This is another farmhouse table I love because of the seating and style. Because of how basic it is, I love the design.

And I could hope the building wouldn’t be too hard. But because of the benches, I just like the seating. It seems to have a warm feeling for it.

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13. The Modern Farmhouse Table

This is a very basic design for a table in a farmhouse. Building nearly everyone would be very easy. But to a simple design with the seats, they applied a modern twist. So as rustic or traditional as you want, you can make it table.

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14. The Simple White Farmhouse Table

This model is another one that seems to be quite easy to build. The seats are a bit more complicated. But you should be able to build them just fine with the right carpentry skills.

However, due to the wooden top and painted legs, this table stands out a little more than some of the others. So consider this design if you want a farmhouse table that might stand out a little extra.

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15. The Simple Farm Table

This table is a very simple one, too. The layout of the table itself is super simple. And that doesn’t seem daunting to build the bench either.

But depending on your carpentry skills, the chairs could be purchased or built. So if you want a table with lots of seating and a simple design then check out this one.

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16. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

It looks very easy to build this panel. Furthermore, there are two different styles of feet. So you can pick the theme that best suits your needs.

However if you’re someone who’s looking for something that’s easier to build then you’d probably like this design. And in almost every type of house, it would be beautiful.

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17. Rustic Table With Wood Top

Let’s say you’re someone like me, looking a little rustic and worn like stuff. Okay, then probably you’re going to like this plate.

And I’m saying this because it has finished a beautiful top of wood. But the legs have a depressed look that often suits the rustic country charm well.

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18. Basic Double Bench Farmhouse Table

This table is another model that seems to be easier to build. But for lots of visitors, it also has plenty of space. And you could always have space to put in a couple of extra people with two benches if necessary. So if you’re looking for a basic table that suits every style in home interiors, it might be.

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19. The Round Farm Table

This table is a bit different from what most people think of when they think of a table in a farmhouse. And looking at it is still sturdy and sweet.

So if for a long rectangular table you don’t have a kitchen with space, you might want to consider this model. It still has the charm of a farmhouse in just another shape.

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20. The Smaller Farmhouse Table

This table in the farmhouse still packs all the charms of the larger tables but would fit in smaller areas. And it has to accompany it with the cute benches.

So if you like the style of the farmhouse but don’t have a tremendous amount of kitchen space then take a look at this style. It’s just what you wanted, you might find.

21. Farmhouse Table Island

For people with limited kitchen space, this is a really nice idea. If you like the style of the farmhouse, you’d love it. But as a kitchen island, this table can double. So if you don’t have space for a bigger table, find this one that can actually serve two purposes.

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22. The Larger Farmhouse Table

This is a table where a larger kitchen or dining area would be needed. But it’s pretty sure. It’s got a top of solid wood. And a beautiful white color is applied on the rest of the plate. It gives an antique look to this chair. So if you’ve got space and love antique-like furniture, check out this one.

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23. Classic Farmhouse Design

This classic design of a farmhouse is one that is probably not going out of style. The bench seating is very practical. And it will require gathering around this table for many people.

But, since the template is basic, it also looks very simple to build. So find this model if you need a practical table that offers classic charm.

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24. Large Picnic Design Farmhouse Table

This table reminds me of a table for a picnic. It has no built-in benches. But the top is laid out as a picnic table in the traditional style.

But that’s the really good thing about this model is that with this design you can add another type chair and give it a more traditional look.

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25. The Simple Farmhouse Table

This is another very easy design. And, if you’re someone new to your idea of building stuff, then it could be a good starting point.

And while the layout is basic, it’s still a beautiful table. You can add a little more decorative touch to the chairs if you wish. But otherwise, it would be a beautiful addition to every home as it is.

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26. The 6-Seater Farmhouse Table

This table is displayed as a seat 6. In reality, however, at the end you could add a few chairs and at least 8 seats. So it could be very well if you need a nice larger table to fit into your dining room. And the model, which is a nice bonus, is super simple.

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27. DIY Farmhouse Table With Extensions

So if necessary you would like to have a table in the farmhouse and a lot of room. But if you don’t need additional space, it can shrink in size.

Well, with this table, we have you covered. This table is filled with leaf extensions which can be added and removed if required.

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28. Shanty 2 Chic Farmhouse Table

This table is absolutely awesome. You would prepare for the perfect rustic outdoor wedding. It is one you would imagine. So I probably get a little too excited by the thought that I could eat at the table every evening. But you could have this beautiful piece of furniture in your daily life if you have some room in the kitchen for it.

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29. The Domestic Heart Table

This table is a very simple design for a farmhouse. And for those who really would have to create this masterpiece that is great news. But it’s also tall, practical and very enjoyable to see. And all the design schemes in every house would suit.

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30. The Every Day Farmhouse Table

This table resembles the table you saw at The Waltons ‘ famous hit show. By the way, I’m an immense fan of this show. But I digress, this table is very great for every family size. And something can be used on a regular basis. Always add beauty to the kitchen of every type.

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31. The Large Simple Farmhouse Table

I love the table. I love that chair. I love the simplicity of nature. Yet the table also holds so much elegance. And I like how many people around it can keep it. But anyone who wanted to create this table would be in love since it is eloquent and plain in design.

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32. My Dream Farmhouse Table

This table is totally magnificent. Again, a large dining area would be needed, but if you had it, it would be an excellent way. But there’s also a different design, so you’d certainly be thankful to your carpenter.

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33. Smaller Farmhouse Table

It’s another smaller table of the farmhouse. Nevertheless, it remains true to the style without taking up astronomical space. And up to 6 people could still stay. So if you like this design, but don’t have a wider dining area, take a look.

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34. The Everyday Farmhouse Table

This table from the farmhouse is another good table for everyday use. And to your kitchen, it would also add a lovely charm.

So you’d definitely find an excellent place to work and a lovely piece of furniture to look at when you are busy cooking and doing all the other daily work in your home.

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35. The Basic Shanty 2 Chic Table

It’s a very simple design. If you’re someone new to the carpenter’s world, it could be a good project. But it’d be a great piece of furniture for your kitchen as well. And certainly it will add a beauty to your home, too.

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36. The Multi-Purpose Design

It’s a good design for this plate. For example, your carpenter would definitely like to thank you for another simple project. It’s versatile too, however. I eat, play cards, and work many days on my kitchen table. I work a lot. This table is ideal for doing any of these functions. It makes every kitchen a great addition.

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37. The Traditional Farmhouse Table

This traditional farmhouse table is what you might think of by thinking about the term ‘ farmhouse kitchen table.’ It makes almost any home a great addition. You could have as much space as you wanted in this way. But it’s a priceless item because it’s not hard.

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38. A Basic Farmhouse Table

This is another example of the traditional table of the farmhouse. It seems like building is very straightforward. What’s an autonomous reward.

Nonetheless, a few people can also keep it. And spread it out so that it becomes a standard four-sitting table. This table is perfect for almost any house. This table provides plenty of possibilities.

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39. A Modern Farmhouse Table

The table has rustic charm but can still easily be integrated into a contemporary home. And give ample space for sitting in the middle. So consider this if you live in a old home or perhaps even a brand new one and want to have a farmhouse chair. It is great and everywhere can match.

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40. The Picnic Farmhouse Table

This table is distinguished by boatloads. And you certainly should give this table a look if you do not want a typical kitchen table.

And this table will also provide you with plenty of room. This table essentially provides a single package of usability and personality.