30+ Amazing Garden Structure Design Ideas

They think of plants when most people think about gardens and gardening. Nevertheless, when designing a garden, there are many other things to consider, particularly an ornamental garden. One such issue to consider is the structures and their location in the garden. Garden structures are one of the components that make a garden a living space outdoors that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

While space constraints can limit which structures you can actually fit into your garden, there are many structures that can be adapted to suit any size gardens. In your garden, structures can serve different purposes from creating a defined outdoor living space, acting as a gateway from one garden area to another, or acting as plant support.

Finding the right combination of garden structures that not only provide shade, storage, and protection, but also enhance your landscape can be challenging. Luckily, there are some wonderful options that can solve this problem quickly and turn your backyard into an incredible outdoor living space that you will enjoy.

Garden Pods

Garden Pods Ideas
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Garden Pods Ideas 2
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You may be forgiven if you are not familiar with garden pods. In the world of garden structure concepts, they are a relatively new development, and they come in a stunning range of styles and designs. Essentially, a garden pod is an enclosed or semi-enclosed “space” that sits on a patio or next to a pergola or gazebo in your garden area. Including small cubes to large rectangles, they can be many different shapes and sizes. For those who want a touch of the unusual there are even spherical garden pods available.

Pods can provide a small group with posh seats, plush seats and a table, or they can provide nearly all of the benefits of a full home. Costier pods may have doors and windows that open, a closed roof, and four complete walls. It can be customized with built-in features such as tables, corner doors, lighting and more, depending on where you source your pod.

As a reminder, these designs for garden structures can be very costly, in some cases costing tens of thousands of pounds, so they’re certainly not for everyone. If you can’t get that kind of hit on your plan, but still want at least a semi-private area in your backyard, consider a curtained pergola.


Garden Structures Gazebos
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garden structure gazebo
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garden structure gazebo
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Gazebos will allow you to create a covered area away from home. They may be small or large, simple or elaborate, but they all encourage you to do more with your garden area. Essentially, a gazebo is nothing more than a roof (usually eight) with different supports.

There are quite a few premade options on the market, many of which combine a fabric or plasticized roof with supporting metal uprights (and the roof’s underlying metal frame). Certain designs are made from wood with shingled roofs and are much more complex. The majority of gazebos are also octagonal in shape.

Many of the more expensive options include a raised wood floor, but for all your options this is not valid. Some of the simpler types of gazebo use as the ground your lawn. Therefore, you may want to be careful when erecting a gazebo. Are you going to use it enough to trap the ground and destroy the grass? Installing a gazebo with a brick or stone base, or building one with a raised wooden floor, may be a better option.

Using a gazebo allows you to do anything outside in the garden that you might like, without worrying about direct sunlight heat or rain threat. These are great for cooking out, but to create an outdoor seating area you can also add seats. You can even hang a swing where you can chill with friends, family or just on your own if you have a solid wood or metal frame above, supporting the roof.

If contemplating these ideas about the garden layout, you will need to think about the width of your yard, as this will affect the gazebo’s size. The yard will be dwarfed by a large gazebo in a small open room, while a tiny gazebo will be outnumbered in a large open area. Your budget is, of course, also a consideration. The good news is that for just about any plan there is an option available.


Garden Structures - Pergolas
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garden structures - pergolas
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Even though they are not all that close, it can be easy to confuse pergolas with gazebos. A pergola is typically rectangular or square where a gazebo is generally octagonal or round. Where a gazebo has a high, domed roof, pergolas typically have a plain, open or latticed roof (ideal for plant covering). While gazebos typically have eight upright supports, there are generally four pergolas, although this is not a firm rule.

Often pergolas are less formal than gazebos, but that’s just a generalisation as well. To create the atmosphere and environment you want, you can add any number of elements to these garden structures, ranging from stone surroundings on the uprights to outdoor curtains providing shade and a sense of isolation.

If you want to add a pergola to your garden, you’ll want to think about the size you’ll need first. Such structures can be small or large, and can host groups ranging from small family gatherings to larger events, though they are not as expansive as pavilions (which are suitable for large outdoor events). The width of your outdoor space will affect the size of the pergola, as with gazebos.

You will like to find building materials as well. Was timber the right choice? Want to better reflect the overall feeling of a mixture of wood and stone or wood, stone, and metal? Your needs for use also have a role to play. Would you like to create an outdoor kitchen pergola? If so, you will not only need space to prepare and cook food, but also to sit and eat.


Garden Structures - Arbor
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Garden structures - Arbor with vines 002
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Garden structures - Arbor with vines 03
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An arbor is a regularly constructed open structure under trees. In nice weather, they are built to provide a comfortable and shaded seating. It can also be used in the greenhouse as a divider or as an entrance to the garden. It can be stand-alone or attached to another garden building or structure. Often it’s covered with vines.


garden structures - patio
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garden structures - patio
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Typically attached to the home, a patio is an outdoor living area. The word patio is Spanish, meaning backyard or backyard.

Lovely Lattice Garden Structure

Lovely Lattice Garden Structure
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A swing surrounded by a lattice arbor, like nothing else, says “summer relaxation.” The deck is visually dominated by the airy structure. Lattice on top of an outdoor garden structure is a great place to hang shade-loving plants baskets like the ferns shown here.


Garden Structures - Green house
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Garden Structures - Greenhouse
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Garden Structures - Greenhouse
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The usefulness of greenhouses is not denied, but they can also be beautiful additions to your yard, depending on the style and design you choose. A greenhouse is more than simply adding visual appeal to your outdoor space, of course. It will allow you to substantially extend your growing season, probably even through the winter depending on your environment, and whether you are investing in heating your plants during the coldest parts of the year.

Greenhouses can range from small to massive, and they can be paved from scrap materials and built on their own, or they can be purchased in kit form, or built by a professional. A greenhouse made of PVC piping and plastic sheeting may be the simplest option. This is also the most economical, but probably the least appealing aesthetically.

You will need to understand the interior in addition to the overall design and materials used to create the greenhouse. Will you be planting in the ground directly? Are you going to use tables and containers? What about the ventilation and lighting? Would you like warmth to help you develop throughout the year during the winter? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to answer before you invest in a greenhouse, but whatever you decide, these can be excellent ideas about garden structure.


Garden Structures - Arche
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Garden Structures - Arche
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If you’re looking for ideas about garden structure, let me consider using arches. They may be large or small, bold or infertile, wood or metal (and other materials). They can also be used in your garden in many different ways. An arch makes an excellent addition to your garden entrance, particularly if you have a more formal garden.

In less formal situations, however, they can also be used. Combine an arch with hedgerows or willow fencing for an elegant design, or go for something with a Victorian-esque feel for wrought iron and climbing vines.

If you like, you can go international. You may purchase (or build) arches representing Asian themes and engaging with the history and heritage of the UK. In order to get a more natural feel, add climbing and flowering vines to your arch, or leave it free if you prefer.

Also, you are not restricted to the traditional “arched” form. In archways you can find rectangular designs, circular choices, ovals and much more. Actually, in terms of design, the sky is the limit and even use within your garden. These can also be paired with other garden structures to create a truly unique setting in your yard, including pergolas and gazebos.


garden Structures - Hammocks
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garden structures - Hammocks
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There is nothing like sitting in a hammock while relaxing with a good book or a cocktail, while the sun is shining and the wind is cooling you. Not only are hammocks suitable for relaxing, they can also create eye-catching ideas for garden design.

There are plenty of options out there, ranging from metal and wood framed hammocks that can accommodate one or two people, to attaching hammocks to a pergola’s uprights.

If you don’t use the hammocks, the pergola can be used for other things, including group seating during parties or events. If you really want to catch your attention, install a patio or deck with a trendy roof overhead under your hammock.


Garden structure - spa
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Garden structure - spa
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Garden structure - spa
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A spa that consist of just a hot tub for relaxation and recreation in your backyard, or it may include the entire spa experience. It can be closed, veiled, and opened up to the stars. If you want to integrate more into your spa experience, check out the spa guide at home.


Garden Structures - Terrace
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Garden Structures - Terrace 2
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A patio space attached to the house is a terrace. Usually it is built above ground level and does not generally have a roof. (This does not address the question of sloping areas requiring terracing for use and prevention of erosion.)

Living Teepees

garden Structures - Living Teepees
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Garden Structures - Living Teepees
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Whether you’re interested in using them to grow wine-growing vegetables such as cucumbers or pole beans, or you’re trying to add a bit of fun and whimsy to a garden for children, living teepees are great ideas for gardening.

They can cost very little, and can bring some pretty substantial benefits. Actually, they are nothing more than bamboo (or long-lasting hardwood) teepees. If you grow bamboo at home, you can harvest it, or if you prefer, you can buy it from a DIY store.

You’re going to need several uprights, but the exact number (and length) depends on how big you want the teepee to be and how open the layout is.

Start by roughing out where the teepee is going to be. Place the poles of the bamboo together (bind the top loosely with twine if necessary) and mark where each of them will sit upright. With a rock, a mound of sand, or scoring the world, you can do this. Make sure you leave space for a doorway / entrance.

You’ll have to dig a hole for each of the uprights to make sure the teepee is as stable as possible. Place the post, lean to the right angle, then attach rocks or soil to support it. Continue to do this until all the poles are on the ground. You’ll have to connect them now. Twine can work again, but you may want to use something better weather (metal wire can work).

You will need to weave other sticks or branches horizontally between the vertical uprights if you want a fully enclosed teepee (other than the doorway). Then choose the kind of vine you’re going to grow. From vegetables such as cucumbers to gourds to flowering vines, you have many options.

Plant the seeds and water them in at the base of the uprights, then water them as they grow. The vines will gradually ascend the teepee, making an enclosed hideaway for your little ones, or an interesting yard structure.


garden structures - trellis
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Garden Structures - Trellis 02
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Garden Structures - Trellis 03
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A wooden trellis is the structure of a stripe or bar of wood, bamboo and/or iron, often woven, welded or attached to support the plant climbing.


garden structure - pavilion
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A pavilion, used in parks, is a temporary or half-permanent building. Usually, a pavilion is a wide, airy garden space with an elevated, broad canopy-like roof.


garden stuctures - obelisk 02
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garden stuctures - obelisk 03
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garden stuctures - obelisk
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An obelisk is a four-sided structure used for supporting grapevines and plants. Plans for the building of an obelisk are available. The majority of obelisks are sturdy structures, such as the one shown below.